Trockenfutter: Die praktische Futter-Lösung für Hund und Katze?

Dry food: the practical feed solution for dog and cat?

The large varieties for dogs and cats seem almost infinite. Whether wet food, dry food or fresh feeding - everything has advantages and disadvantages. Most animal owners use dry food for practical reasons, as this is advertised as full food. But what should you pay particular attention to when feeding dry food and how healthy is dry food really?

The feed jungle: the selection of the right dry food

“Anyone who has the choice is agony” -it feels similar if, as a new animal owner, you think about which food is the best for your darling. 

First of all, it should be said that dry food is not always the same as dry food. Each feed varies very strongly in the composition and in the quality of the ingredients. Types of feed and brands set different focal points in order to best map the different needs of the dog and cat.

Not every feed is automatically suitable for every animal.

The feed industry has developed various types of food in order to be as close as possible to the needs of the animals. For example, there are dry food for certain animal species (e.g. dog or cat), races and age groups. 

We present the common types of feed.

  1. Standard dry food: This feed is suitable for dog and cat with normal energy consumption. It includes a mixture of grain, meat and vegetables. The flavors can be very diverse here.
  2. Light dry food: The type of feed is particularly suitable for animals that tend to overweight or are already overweight. The feed contains fewer calories and fat, but more fiber, in order to still trigger a feeling of satiety in the animal.
  3. Grain Free dry food: Unfortunately, diseases such as allergies and intolerances do not stop at our pets. For this reason, there is grain -free dry food. More and more dogs and cats are allergic or incompatible with grain like barley or wheat. Grain Free dry food contains the much more compatible potatoes or sweet potatoes as carbohydrate source.
  4. High protein dry food: It contains a higher proportion of protein, which gives the animal more energy. It is mainly used for dogs that operate agility sports, have excessive movement or cats that are a lot in the freedom. Often it is also fed pregnant or nurse dogs and cats who have an increased energy level due to pregnancy.
  5. Special feed: Food tailored to certain diseases in particular can be purchased. In the case of diseases such as renal failure, diabetes mellitus or chronic intestinal complaints, particularly easily digestible and high -energy feed is fed. So the animal quickly comes back. Other important factors for the right choice of dry food are life phase and size of your fur nose. A puppy or young dog has a different need for nutrient supply than a senior animal. The size of the animal also plays an important role in considering the composition of the feed. A chihuahua needs a different ratio of nutrient supply than a German mastiff. It is best to get advice from an expert, you should be unsure and feel overwhelmed with the variety of feed selection.

What dry food in dogs and cats speaks

The advantages of feeding dry food are quickly obvious: you get practical pellets or croquettes in which there is a full and balanced diet with all nutrients. 

Owners of pets can easily open the feed bag and make it available to the animal. 

You don't have to do much effort to ensure healthy feeding. As an animal owner, you relate to the expertise of feed manufacturers that are contained everything important such as minerals, trace elements and vital vitamins in dry food.

In addition, dry food doesn't make much “dirt”. The pressed dry food parts can be easily absorbed by the dog and ideally the teeth of the dog and the cat are cleaned by the chewing movements.

Furthermore, the transport of the feed is very easy. For example, when a vacation with the pet is coming together, you only take the dry food bag with you.

The long shelf life of the dry food is an additional, attractive argument for animal lovers. With fresh feeding, for example with raw meat, the ingredients spoil quite quickly and you often have to use a freezer to store the food.

So some points speak for using dry food as a good basic solution when feeding dogs and cats.

The disadvantages of dry food

However, the disadvantages of dry food should not be neglected. 

Unfortunately, there may also be deficiency symptoms when feeding dry food.

Dry food contains less liquid than wet food, so that it is essential to ensure that dog and cat always drink enough. Especially in cats that quickly tend to drink too, dehydration can occur in the long run. The permanent undersupply of liquid quickly leads to constipation and later kidney diseases in both dogs and cats.

A lack of different vitamins and minerals is possible when feeding dry food. This can result in serious problems such as joint diseases, cardiovascular problems and chronic diseases. The enrichment of vitamins, minerals and trace elements are essential for the health of your four -legged friend. 

For cats, the correct dosage of Taurin should be pointed out at this point. In the event of a lack of taurine, the cat can lead to eye and heart diseases.

Unfortunately, when considering, dry food also cleans the animal's teeth. Mostly the croquettes in particular are quite crumbly, so they are 

Let it chip quickly and put the crumbs remnants on the teeth as a dental surface. 

4 tips on what to pay attention to when choosing dry food:

  1. Ingredient list: 

    Pay attention to the right ratio of raw protein, raw fat and carbohydrates. They also take a look at the meat or fishing shares in the feed. 

  2. Additives: 

    Do not take dry food, which contains any attractants or industrial sugar, this is unhealthy for your animal. In addition, no chemical color and preservatives should be included. 

  3. Nutrient content: 

    An optimal ratio of vitamins and minerals should be included in the feed. In the event of a deficiency, either change the feed or use food supplements to compensate for the deficiency in the vitamin.

  4. Quality: 

    Question which ingredients in the feed have been processed, what quality the meat and other components of the feed have.

    It is important to think carefully in advance which feeding is the optimal and need -oriented solution for your own animal. There is also the possibility to choose dry food and to ensure the full supply of vitamins and minerals with the help of micronutrients.

Vitamin preparations and balanced snacks as a healthy addition


For many dog ​​and cat owners, a different feeding method as dry food is often out of the question. 


One way to compensate for the vitamin and mineral supply for animals is to admit it as a healthy delicacies. The particularly tasty treats contain all the important micronutrients that your four -legged friend needs to live a healthy life. The vitamin preparations are offered in a chewable shape, which also Clean your animal's teeth.

The important intake of vitamins and minerals for your pet becomes a real pleasure.




Dry food can be a simple and practical solution in the feed supply of your dog and cat. However, one should look at the composition, quality of the feed and take into account the life phase and size of the animal. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages for yourself. If you choose a dry food, you can feed healthy and tasty ITICO snacks to supply your four -legged friend with all important vitamins and nutrients.

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