About itiko

What distinguishes itiko?

We founded Itiko because we think that all animals earn a completely healthy and happy life. This includes a lot of love and enough exercise. Of course, one should not forget a species -appropriate and balanced diet.

This is precisely why our snacks contain important minerals, vitamins and pre- & probiotics that actively support your pet health.
All of our products were developed together with experienced veterinarians and nutrition specialists, so you can be sure that they will also do and taste good for your pet.

Where are the product von Itiko made?

Itiko products are manufactured in Germany.

We tested dozens of manufacturers extensively with the aim of finding a partner who has an excellent production, but at the same time the same quality standards and values ​​as we represent.

We could never be responsible for putting something on a digital or physical shelf that we could not give our own pets.

That is why we are very happy that we have found experts with decades of production experience in Germany that create our high -quality snacks & vitamins for modern pets.

How is the quality of your products ensured?

The quality of our products is first in our first place.

We have strict product development and test procedures that serve to be able to guarantee you and your pet the best quality. That is why it is important to us to continuously invest in new technologies and ongoing research that promotes improvements.

Has it ever been a recall at Itiko?

No, we have never had anything like that.

How can I reach you?

Quite simply by email info@itiko.pet. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form.
We will then report to you shortly.


How long does delivery take?

Your order arrives within 1-3 working days.

*Note: Due to Covid-19, there may be delays. Depending on local freight forwarders, customs and the processing time, the delivery time can vary. If you still have not received any shipping information after 10 days, our customer service will be under info@itiko.pet like to help.

How do you send my order?

All of our packages are sent particularly climate-neutral and resource-saving with DHL GO-GREEN.

How do I change my delivery address?

After your order, a change is unfortunately no longer possible. You will receive an email for the package announcement from us.

There, however, you have the option of choosing a desired place of delivery such as a parcel shop or a storage location.

In which countries is a delivery possible?

Our products are delivered to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland.

How much are the shipping costs?

With an order value below € 49, our shipping costs within Germany are € 4.95.
Free shipping applies from an order value over € 49.
According to Austria & Belgium, the shipping price is € 8.90 (only standard shipping possible).
Shipping to Switzerland & Luxembourg costs € 12.90 (standard shipping only possible).

What should I do if I have received an article that I didn't order?

Oops, something went wrong.
Please use the return label, which you can find under returns and send us this article back free of charge with the note "wrongly delivered".

Our products

Where can I find exact information about the dosage of the snacks & vitamins?

On the product packaging or in our web shop you can find the exact information about the dosage.
Simply choose your desired product to be able to access the recommended daily dose for your pet.

Where can the best before date to be found?

The best -before date can be found on the sticker under the can. If the date is not to be found or it is not clearly readable, please contact our customer service at info@itiko.pet.

Where can I find security information about the snacks & vitamins (e.g. if my animal has a previous illness)?

Our products are completely safe for all animals. But we know that every animal is unique and has its own needs. In the event of a previous illness, we recommend consulting your vet before giving your pet our feed supplements.

Please always note the feeding recommendation on our products and in the web shop.

Can people also eat your snacks & vitamins?

No, our products are only suitable for animals and not for human consumption. Therefore, we ask you to keep the packaging outside the reach of children.

Are your products free of grain?

Sure, of course! All of our products are grain -free!

How many snacks & vitamins are in a can?

There are at least 60 snacks & vitamins in a can. Most of the time there are even a few more 😉 .

What flavor have your snacks & vitamins?

As the basis for all of our snacks & vitamins, we only use delicious chicken.

Who is the manufacturer of your snacks & vitamins and what are his references?

We work with a high-quality group of animal nutritional scientists, manufacturing partners
and experts together.

Our partners have decades of experience in development, research and production of first -class pet nutrition. Our recipes are compiled in such a way that they meet the nutritional needs of a modern pet and support your favorite's health for a happy and long life as much as possible.

We guarantee that.

Where do the ingredients for your snacks & vitamins come from?

Almost all of our ingredients come from the EU. Only a few essential vitamins and minerals that are not available in Germany come from outside the EU and are subsequently processed in the EU.

All ingredients for our feed supplements go through strict test procedures before they are included in our production. Our criteria include compliance with our quality and food safety requirements that we have to the suppliers, as well as the nutritional quality and the permanent availability of our ingredients.

Why do your snacks & vitamins contain pro and prebiotics?

Pro- and prebiotics are central to healthy digestion, at the same time they promote a healthy immune system. The path of our snacks & vitamins is long. Therefore, they were developed with the thought and tested that they can survive the entire production process up to digestion in the stomach of your pet.

After that, the fabrics in the intestinal tract can multiply from your pet to useful microorganisms.

We guarantee a minimum number of 100 million colony -forming units (KBE) per snack, which is more than enough for a healthy and happy intestine.

Do your snacks & vitamins contain artificial taste, preservation or dyes?

No, we distance ourselves from artificial supplements. Although some ingredients may sound a bit strange, our snacks & vitamins do not contain any artificial taste, preservation or dyes.

For this, however, they contain pro-& prebiotics, many vitamins, minerals and many other superpowers in nature. So they are a great feed supplement for the healthy diet of every pet.

"Snacks with benefits" sounds very healthy - but will my pet like you?

Effect and taste are not a contradiction with us. During the entire manufacturing process, care was taken to ensure that healthy products come from our production with a lot of taste.

The result is much more than a simple treat: our irresistibly delicious "snacks with benefits". 😁 However, if your pet does not like our snacks & vitamins, send us a video evidence info@itiko.pet And you get your money back.

Word of honor!

How should I store the snacks & vitamins?

In order to guarantee maximum freshness and comfort, all of our snacks & vitamins are delivered in recoverable doses.

If you prefer your own storage, we recommend that you keep the food in an airtight container.

Our recommendation is to keep the snacks on a cool, dark and dry place at a temperature between 5 - 20 degrees Celsius.


Is itiko also suitable for my pet?

Our snacks & vitamins are suitable for all breeds, sizes and age levels from 6 months.

Can I also give itiko products to my puppy?

Our snacks & vitamins are harmless to dogs and cats of all ages and breed. However, we recommend that the dog puppies be given the causes from 6 months.

If you have any concerns, please contact your vet first.

Are the snacks & vitamins also easy to digest?

Yes absolutely! When compiling the recipe, we particularly made sure that all of the ingredients it contains are digestible for your pet. In addition, our snacks & vitamins contain pre- & probiotics that actively contribute to the healthy digestive system of your pet.

Where can I find more information about the ingredients and the correct dosage of the snacks & vitamins?

The daily dose and the ingredients recommended by our experts can be found in our web shop and on the snack doses.

When can my pet take the snacks & vitamins?

The snacks & vitamins are suitable for every time, whether in the morning, lunch, in the evening or simply as a treat for in between. However, please make sure to always provide enough water for your pet.

Are there any interactions with medication?

If your pet is currently taking medication, please speak to your vet first to avoid unwanted reactions.

Otherwise the following applies: Our snacks & vitamins are the best way to support your animal's health. Of course in connection with a comprehensive healthy and regular diet.

My pet is very picky. Will he like your snacks & vitamins?

Taste and effect do not have to contradict each other. Therefore, we have taken care that the snacks & vitamins are really tasty. We also developed our "Pure Taste Snack" for our electoral mea. Even the largest diva cannot resist them.

If the very unlikely case occurs that your pet will not like our snacks & vitamins, send us a message
too-picky@itiko.de and you get your money back.

Word of honor!

Savings plan

How do I place an order?

Great question! Log in and simply click on "Products" at the top right.

In the next step you can choose your desired article. Then just log out again. If you are not logged in or have no account, you will reach our snacks, vitamins and sprays with function as well as our exclusive bundles in the top left under the menu item "Products".

Do you fancy a few suggestions? Then simply scroll down on the page to see some of our most popular products.

Click on "Shop", hit your selection and log out again after the ordering process. Do you still need support for your order? No problem.!

Contact us at any time via our contact form or by phone from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. at +4917624123647.

How do I pause, edit or cancel my savings plan?

Our account portal for savings plan customers helps you to easily pursue your orders, adapt and edit shipping plans and savings plans. Here you can click and register for an account (if you haven't done it yet). Please use the same email address you used for your savings plan.

After you have registered under "My Account", you can simply get to the "My savings plan" tab on the left. There you can see all your active savings plans.

We understand that it is important to be able to cancel or edit savings plans at any time quickly and easily.

In order to cancel, simply click on the desired account, then on "Edit the savings plan" and finally to "terminate the savings plan".

Please note, however, that you lose access to reduced products as soon as you cancel your savings plan, as well as for free gifts, early new Itiko products and more!

When will my savings plan be charged?

The invoice date depends on when your savings plan was started. We strive to collect the payment every month on the same day.

How does the savings plan service work?

A savings plan is the best way to discover the variety of products from Itiko. If you choose our practical savings plan service, you will receive all Products at a reduced price, regular free gifts and many more discounts.

How do I change my savings plan information?

As soon as you have registered, you can go to "My Account" on the left. To change your address, two fields will appear for your new delivery address and billing address. Click on the field you want to edit.

Would you like to add or remove items to your savings plan? No problem! Please proceed as follows:

Call your current savings plan and create a new savings plan with your revised article list.