Mund- und Zahnhygiene bei Haustieren - übertrieben oder notwendig?

Oral and dental hygiene in pets - exaggerated or necessary?

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets and are largely spoiled. The best food, the best treats and the most comfortable bed for the beloved four -legged friends are a matter of course. But also the health of the four -legged favorite has to be taken care of. 

What about that Oral health for pets out of? This is often forgotten or moves into the background, and it is essential.

Dietary supplements for animals are in countless quantities and variations. However, it is rarely taken care that these feed additives are also positive about the Oral health of pets have an impact. In the meantime, the trade already offers tasty animal vitamins, The one Oral health for pets positively supported. Most pet owners suffer with their animals when they fall ill. Solve unnecessary pain and take care of your animal.

Why should so much value be placed on the oral health of the pets? 

As with us humans, oral hygiene is also extremely important for pets. Too often the thought comes, mine Cat is sick or my dog ​​is illBecause the animal does not touch its food. You only have the best food in high quality in the bowl and the animal shows no interest in it. Worries spread and the owner gets nervous. In very few cases, it is thought that the gums could be inflamed and pain causes when eating. Or a damaged or broken tooth can be the cause of this behavior. Pain in the pet's mouth can lead to countless other complications. As a result, sick teeth and gums can subsequently damage the heart, the kidneys and liver and thus also lead to the death of the animal! 


In most cases, tooth and gum problems are the cause of loss of eating

Animal-toothing health health Is that around and up to have a healthy and happy pet. As in humans, a painful tooth or inflamed gums is something extremely unpleasant. Our pets cannot tell us where the pain exists. In the case of cats in particular, the owner notices too late in 80 percent of the cases that his animal has problems with the teeth or gums. Cats generally suffer silently and only show pain when this pain is very severe. 

If your pet shows reluctance when eating, you should primarily control your animal's mouth. Has the gums reduced to the tooth attachment? Has the animal already developed tartar that irritates and violates the gums? Exactly this situation can trigger a reluctance when eating. It should not be forgotten that bacteria that develop in the animal's mouth can continue to penetrate the body and damage organs there. For a long time, pets do not show where the pain is hidden and until there is a reluctance to eat or drink, in many cases there are already 5 before 12 and urgent need for action. In this case, consult a veterinarian to advise experience in the area Oral health for pets owns. Regular control of the teeth can spare your animal pain and high costs. 

Possible signs of a disease of the mouth of the mouth in pets 

  • Discolored teeth
  • The teeth have an unusual brown or gray discoloration 
  • Bleeding gums 
  • Strict breathing smell
  • Swollen and red gums
  • Refusal of hard food 
  • Constant rubbing of the mouth area on objects 
  • The dog no longer wants to with its chewing bones 

If you can see this at your pet, visiting a veterinarian is essential if you do not want to worsen the health of the animal. 

What can happen if oral health for pets is neglected? 

You put on the Oral hygiene for pets From the following reasons such as 

  • In the wild, the teeth also clean themselves by themselves 
  • Pets generally do not need dental care 
  • My pet gets special chewing items to clean the teeth

can lead to considerable symptoms at the pet. These reasons can certainly be refuted by specialists. 

  • Overgrown pets can be done by a lack of Animal-toothing health health to starve. 
  • Our pets need dental care because they also form plaque on the teeth 
  • Special chewing items can maintain the rear teeth, but they have no influence on the small incisors or the fishing teeth in the front area of ​​the mouth. 

Our pets are hunters who tear their food in large pieces and swallow. You don't bite your food like us humans. Furthermore, the bacterial milieu in the mouth of a cat helps to better digest prisoner prey. 

The lack of dental health of pets can lead to secondary diseases

Dogs and cats need our support in dental care. 

Uncertained teeth can lead to the following problems 

  • Gingivitis 
  • Pus formation on the gums
  • Change of the jaw 
  • Tooth loss 
  • Bacteria collection that spreads in the bloodstream and damages organs. 

Consequential diseases in pets 

  • Gingivitis
  • Broken teeth
  • Milk teeth do not fail 
  • False bite 
  • Forl

This creates damage to the heart, the kidneys and the liver. 

Protect your pet from unnecessary pain 

You should get used to your four -legged darling in puppy age to control and clean your teeth. This training at a young age helps the pet to live a long healthy life. 

As a result, your pet's teeth should generally be checked regularly. For example, if your cat is a freelancer, the prey can catch and eat. Small bone splinters of the prey can get stuck between the teeth and injure the gums. This injury can cause dangerous inflammation. 

If you are the owner of a dog and have a bone chew on it, you should also check your teeth to remove any splinters. 

Another option to take precautions are herbal Dietary supplements for animals, In the form of 'Chews' the Animal tooth health health support positively. Countless companies have already specialized in Animal vitamine to put them on the market. But what really is in these vitamins? Through a pure natural animal nutritional additive like for example Zaehne and oral hygiene from Itiko, can be significantly improved to dental and oral hygiene. 

Through the use of 

  • Herbs, as well as rosemary
  • Algae
  • Vitamins, as well as vitamin C and 
  • Micro-active ingredients, as well as omega 3 and 6, and fatty acids

The tartar formation can be reduced in this combination. This will reduce the risk of dental problems for your dog or cat. 

By chewing on these natural vitamin chews, which were created after long research from purely natural ingredients, they protect the Oral health of their pets And save your beloved pet unnecessary pain and secondary diseases. Animal tooth health health So is the most important thing to have a healthy and happy pet. 

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