Belohnung für Katzen: Futter vs. Spiel - was motiviert mehr?

Reward for cats: Food vs. game - what motivates more?

Cats have been an integral part of people and in households for thousands of years. Over 16 million cats live in Germany both as a freelancer and as a house tiger. The cats are said to have a certain independence and stubbornness. These idiosyncrasies are markers for intelligence and strong will. It is all the more exciting to train with cats and to promote their guards. We find out for you which motivation is particularly suitable for cats - food or game?

Why should you train with your cat?

Unlike dogs, training with a cat is a little more difficult. But it is by no means impossible! Cats are very idiosyncratic, but it is of great importance to give your animal variety in everyday life. 

Some cats explore their surroundings as free -range and experience adventures in nature. Other cats live as a house tiger exclusively in the four walls of the owner and, above all, these should receive a lot of training. 

Cats are intelligent and only in the apartment it can quickly become boring. With various training sessions, you bring variety to the usual process.

The following reasons are also important for training with cats:

  • Your cat should react to her when you call your name.
  • Your animal should be easily touched by you, also very important for visits to the vet.
  • In long -haired cats that is Grooming An important component in their common routine.
  • The training to voluntarily get into a transport box is also of great importance for visiting a vet.

Training units for your cat are decisive for living together with your cat. But what will she motivate the most?

Treats for cats as motivation

Cats are hunters, just like their wild ancestors. They catch animals such as birds, mice and other small prey. The reward center is activated in the brain. This in turn gives the house tiger a satisfied feeling. It is obvious that the motivation is strengthened with every sense of achievement.

If you look at this fact, it is an advantage for training to work with snacks. 

When choosing the delicacies, pay attention to a healthy yet tasty snack for your four -legged friend. Check out the composition of the treats. Under no circumstances should sugar -containing treats be fed. Sugar promotes diseases of all kinds and can attack your animal's teeth. In addition, sugar is addictive and can quickly lead to the well -being disease diabetes mellitus - even in cats.

Feed healthy snacks that also cover the daily requirement of important vitamins and minerals and at the same time promote the health of your four -legged friend. The ITICO snacks contain selected vitamins and micronutrients with which you cover your cat's daily needs.

How to promote game behavior with cat snacks

Since the hunting instinct is primarily addressed when playing the velvet paw, it is an advantage if you do not look at the motivations and feed from each other separately when working on cats.

There are great toys in specialist shops that cognitively promote a cat. In this way, feed balls can be filled with loving delicacies and with a little skill the cat recognizes how quickly it gets the treats out when moving the ball.

Another great toy for the cat is the fumbling board. In this, delicacies of different types are hidden and attached. The house tiger learns how the treats can best get out.

Some cats also like to play with mouse imitations attached to a cord. The owner has the cat chasing the “prey” in order to offer it more movement. It is important in the game, however, that the velvet paw also gets a sense of achievement by grabping the “prey” from time to time. Otherwise the game can quickly become frustrating.

5 self -made games with snacks for your cat

We present 5 simple game ideas that you can simply try out at home to motivate your cat to play.

  1. Kitchen paper role Take an empty kitchen paper or toilet cardboard role and put treats in the middle of the roll. Your cat will quickly try to get the food with paw and nose and roll around the role. Occasionally, delicacies fall out, so that the reward takes place directly after action.
  2. Tea towel They put a few treats into a tea towel that particularly loves their velvet paw. You can just curl up the cloth a little, so that your cat first has to do a few movements before it is successful.
  3. Egg carton With an empty egg box you can create a wonderful game of thinking for your house tiger. A few snacks are placed in the notches for the eggs and the game with the paw can begin.
  4. Crackling carton If you receive a package, keep the box and the packaging utensils a little. It is important that no plastic or film is used for it. Various papers are particularly suitable as packing materials that crackle differently, such as newspapers. Place a few treats in the box and your cat will start searching in the box. Keep an eye on your cat in this game and do not let her play with the box alone.
  5. Hide Probably the simplest game method with treats is if you easily hide the snack in the apartment and send your fur friend looking for it. Motivate, show yourself a strong interest and your hangover will curiously go on a discovery tour with you.

What game is advisable from?

The game with the laser pointer is widespread among cat owners. The internet is full of apparently happy cats who chase a laser beam like wild. A positive experience, in which the cat will be successful at some point and “snaps” the point, is in full. There are many other options for employment, especially with snacks that promote and demand your cat.


The selection of play and training in combination with feed is huge. Each cat can be motivated in different ways, so it is entirely important to the preferences of your velvet paw, which method you choose. If you opt for food motivation, use healthy snacks and adapt the number of treats to the daily requirement for your cat. Make sure not to feed unhealthy treats, because these can be harmful to your darling in the long term. The ITICO snacks contain all micronutrients, vitamins and herbs that your cat needs for the day.

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