Die Top 5 der angesagtesten Katzenrassen und ihre charakteristischen Gesundheitsanforderungen

The top 5 of the hottest cat breeds and their characteristic health requirements

Cats are still among the most popular pets The German: A house tiger can be found in about every fourth household.

Perhaps you have already come to the cat, looking for a new kitten or just curious about the most popular breeds: you are exactly right here.

Discover the Top 5 of the most popular cat breeds And learn their Peculiarities and characteristic health requirements know. From sweet Persian cats to elegant Siam cats, there is something for everyone in the variety of unique cat breeds.

Understand the needs of your favorite breeds and make sure that your fluffy friend stays healthy and happy. 

Let's go on a journey of discovery together!

1. European short hair cats - robust and adaptable companions

European short hair cats - robust and adaptable companions

European short hair cats (short: European short hair) are one of the most common cat breeds in Europe and Germany. They are available in many different colors and they are known for theirs robustness and adaptabilitywhat makes you ideal companions.

By the way, if you think of short-haired cats of farm cats at European short-haired cats, you are wrong: Since the 1980s, the European short hair has been one registered breedthat through a High hunting instinct and one strong character distinguished. 

Even if they Free passage preferred And they like to bring a gift in the form of a captured mouse, so it is possible to keep them inside. In the apartment or in the house, this cat breed then needs opportunities for climbing and sufficient entertainment with cat toys.

Also Company she appreciates. For example, the following applies to European short-haired cats as to most other cats that a second animal is ideal and that they should not be kept alone.

The character The European short-haired cats are as different as that of their people. There are calm, relaxed personalities, but also turned up, nervous individuals among them.

An important aspect of the well-being of European short-haired cats is one Successful stress management. Cats are sensitive and subtle animals, the inner balance of which can be easily disturbed. Stress can go through obvious events Like a visit to the vet, a move or a new family member, but also through more inconspicuous changes, like a new room fragrance or the change of detergent.

Stress has far -reaching consequences for cats and can Behavior and health problems lead. In addition to sufficient Toys and employment opportunities as well as one good nutrition it is therefore important that the Vicinity The cat is calm and relaxed to reduce and minimize stress. There are also Special fabrics and nutritional supplementsthat can help with the reduction of stress so that your cat can feel healthy and safe.

2. Maine Coon - a majestic beauty

Maine Coon - a majestic beauty

Long -haired cat as the Maine Coon Have a soft and long fur that gives you a special look. The majestic animals, which can achieve a considerable size (sometimes up to 12 kg body weight) loyalty and meek companion. Through her sociable and willing nature They are almost a dog in their behavior - even walks on a leash or learning tricks are no problem for this cat breed.

Despite its remarkable size, the Maine Coon in the Apartment be kept - as long as you are offered enough space and employment. Since Maine Cons are very intelligent, you should note that you deal yourself with under -demand (mostly with furnishings). Even if they not necessarily free access If necessary, the Maine Coon will still enjoy sunbathing on a cat -safe balcony or a terrace and thank its people.

As for many cat breeds, the Maine Coon applies, especially: Society is important. Therefore, it should not be kept alone. If she doesn't have a cat friend, it is all the more important that her people deal extensively with her and give her care.

Her long fur the Maine Coon cares conscientiously, but the brush should be practiced with it in a kitten age so that it should be Grooming can be supported. If the Maine Coon is lovingly brushed at least once a week, it helps her get rid of loose hair. Especially to Seasonal change If it is useful to brush the house tiger regularly so that no hair is swallowed when cleaning and hair balls form. 

Bale arise when swallowed fur collects in the stomach. These hair balls are stodgy And can often not be transported into the intestine. The consequences are Nausea, abdominal pain and in the worst case constipation. In addition to support in fur care, hair bales can be prevented by nutritional supplements. Mediums such as malt paste and Co. have digestive components that can help reduce and digest them.

With the right care and attitude, Maine Coons and other long -haired cats are fluffy beauties that can accompany you for a long time.

3. Siam cats - elegant, graceful and mystical

Siam cats - elegant, graceful and mystical

Siam cat Are one of the oldest and best known cat breeds And has attracted attention for centuries. The original temple dwellers are simply fascinating with their delicate stature, their shiny fur and their deep blue eyes. You are also not only very smart and curious: You literally have "chatting" personalities and communicate Your needs and opinions sometimes loudly.

Siam cats are not for employed people because they much attention and occupation Need- and they prefer to experience them with their favorite people.

This cat breed needs not necessarily free -handing, but due to their sporting way and their urge to move, they know cat toys and opportunities for climbing and exploring.

In addition to their beauty and engaging personality, Siam cats also have health requirementsthat needs to be taken into account. Unfortunately, you have a higher risk than other cat breeds, Dental problems to develop. In summary, these problems are also used as Forl designated (Feline Odontoclastic absorptive lesion), of which Siam cats, but also Persian cats are often affected. The causes are still unclear, an autoimmune and genetic predisposition are suspected as the background. For example, information on a dental problem can one -sided chewing, bad breath and Stark saliva be. The result of an illness of the tooth apparatus is inflammation of the gums, pain or even the loss of the teeth.

In order to avoid dental problems with the Siam cat, it is important Regular dental care to establish. This can be done through Brushing your teeth with animal toothpaste, regular vet visits and the administration of tooth cleaning culinary delights take place. A balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients can also help promote the dental health of the elegant cats.

Siam cats are an enchanting and beautiful breed. If you keep an eye on the requirements for your health and take measures to manage them, you can make sure that your Siam cat leads a fulfilling and natural life.

4. Persian cats - a dream in velvet and silk

Persian cats - a dream in velvet and silk

Persian cat are also among the most coveted cat breeds around the world and it is no wonder why: their dense, soft fur, the rounded faces and their gentle eyes are cute and lovable at the same time. Even if the name suggests differently, the Persian cats known to us come from Russian ancestors.

The plush Persian cats are so easy to get upset: they are known for theirs calm and relaxed personalitywhat you, in contrast to many other cat breeds Housing makes suitable. 

The "couch potatos" love to cuddle and cuddle and prefer to take it easy.

Although your rounded, compact face looks cute, it must be borne in mind that the short facial skull and the back nose have some health disadvantages, which in recent years the label of one "Agony“Got. Through positive breeding efforts, it is increasingly ensured in recent years that the noses of the bred animals become "longer" again and the animals can breathe carefree.

Like the Maine Coon, the Persian cat has very long fur, which should be brushed regularly to prevent matters and swallowing hair. Persian cats tend to Diseases of urinary tract. Above all, an increased risk older animals and castrated hangover

Under the collective drawing "Flood“ (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) If a number of urinary tract diseases such as urinary stones and bladder infections are summarized, which can result in pain, inflammation and even kidney problems if they are not treated. The causes of Flutd are diverse and can range from stress and changes in everyday life to anatomical problems.

In order to minimize the risk of Flutd in your Persian cat, it is important Reduce stress And on a balanced nutrition and sufficient movement to pay attention. Signs of a disease of the urinary tract can be frequent urination or pain when urinating, for example.

If you are unsure whether your cat suffers from a disease of the urinary tract, you should see a veterinarian to find out whether it is a serious illness that needs to be treated. If your cat no longer stops urine, it is one Emergency And you have to present your cat immediately in a veterinary practice!

Overall, Persian cats are a great choice for anyone looking for a sweet and relaxed cat breed. If you keep an eye on your cat's health, nothing stands in the way of your adorable Persian cat and happiness!

5. Bengal - cats: From wild animal look to the loyal companion

Bengal - cats: from a wildlife look to the loyal companion

Bengal cats are among the most exciting and fascinating cat breeds that exist. The origin of this breed goes to the Crossing of domestic cats with the Asian leopard cat, a real wildcat, back - accordingly active are the Bengal with their distinctive appearance and their energy. Although you have wild cat genetics, you don't get bigger than other popular domestic cat breeds.

Through her dotted fur drawing And their almond -shaped eyes are the Bengalen real exotic. But also hers energetic personality stands out: they are not only active and entertaining, but also very intelligent And like to accept every challenge. Due to their liveliness, they are particularly suitable for People with an active lifestyle. Lying on the sofa all day is not for the Bengal cat! Movement and intellectual challenges, such as clicker training, are ideal for the Bengal.

Even if they need animal society and never alonee should be kept, you should make sure when purchasing a second cat that character and Similar to activity level. A relaxed Persian cat is not for a Bengal. Persians or other quieter representatives not only share little interests with the Bengalen: Since the Bengal cat has a confident and certain personality, there can even be "bullying" of the calm cat and other conflicts, which means stress for both cats.

In contrast to many cats love Bengal WaterR: A drinking fountain or a pond will guaranteed be very popular and are extensively researched! Even if one would suspect that Bengal prefers to roam outside, it is quite possible to do them in the Apartment to keep. Here you should make enough offers for climbing and playing and know that the loyal companions tend to be on "Action“Are off. Bengals are not suitable for employees or inexperienced cat parents.

Some owners of Bengalen report that this cat breed sensitive to industrial cat food reacts and you therefore choose raw feeding. At the Raw feeding If you are absolutely advised, since a false or incorrect composition of feeding can have serious consequences for health. It is also important that the nutrient requirement of the cat is secured at all times and that nutrition ensures optimal digestion and health.

In addition to a balanced diet, regular health checks are also important to the vet at the veterinarian- so Bengal and other cat breeds can lead a healthy and cheerful life and nothing stands in the way of joint adventures!

 A notice: Please note that this article only provides an overview of the health requirements of some popular cat breeds and not all special health features are covered. There are individual differences and other peculiarities within the listed breeds. The diseases mentioned in cats and their occurrence at certain cat breeds were only torn down and there is more to learn about it.

If you have any questions about cat breeds, diseases in the cat or the health of your house tiger, please contact your treating veterinarian.

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