Was macht man mit seinem Haustier im Urlaub?

What do you do with your pet on vacation?

Once again it is so far, the holiday season is getting closer and all animal owners: As every year, the question arises at this time: What do I do with my fur nose on vacation? Take it with you or leave at home? And what if the vacation becomes a nightmare despite the best intentions?

The stay in Katzenhotel or dog hotel

One Animal boarding is always an obvious choice when it comes to Accommodation options for pets to find. As a rule, your treasure is well accommodated here, has the opportunity to play in a secured outdoor area and is looked after by competent staff. However, a stay in an animal hotel can also extremely stressful be for the animal because it is in a new environment and may feel bothered by other animals. And here too there have been cases of Animal cruelty Proven and again and again there are even confusion. Just imagine that when you return from vacation, you will be given an animal that is not your own. According to a survey by the National Animal Welfare Association in the United States Dog hotel or one Animal boarding have accommodated, have negative experiences, such as Animal cruelty To the animal's injuries.* You should also talk to the staff of the animal hotel about the clear identification features of your favorite and best a current photo of Dalassen to avoid confusion.

Accommodation with neighbors and friends

Since the accommodation of the beloved pet during the holiday season is also a Financial question it is often advisable to ask neighbors or friends to take care of the animal. With this option you can beat two birds with one stone: friends and relatives often like to help out against a small obolus or even very free of charge, which protects the holiday fund. The advantage for the animal is that if the master's absence is absent, it has at least a friend at his side. However, one should make sure that the supervisors: also have enough time and experience in dealing with animals and are aware of responsibility, because here too you are not immune to a catastrophic surprise when you return home. Especially in summer, the supervising people should be made aware that it is not a good idea to lock the dog in the car during the day, as this can go hand in hand with the death loved. Neighbors and friends should also have experience in dealing with their animal so that there are no injuries due to improper handling of their beloved pet, because according to a survey by the British animal welfare association RSPCA have had negative experiences, such as lack of care or misconduct of the animal. **


Another way to look after her beloved four -legged friend is to hire a professional house saber or a house sitter who takes care of the animal and the house while the owners are on vacation. Here, too, it is important to find a trustworthy person who has experience in dealing with animals and can take care of the animal so that it does not Animal abuse or Neglecting your pet comes. In addition, of course, you should trust your house sitter because you are granted free access to your own home. Here, too, one should approach the matter with caution, because a study by the American Humane Association showed that 10% of the animal owners: inside that a house saver: in committed, have had negative experiences, including theft or Unreliability.

Take your pets on vacation

So it may be the best option Take your pets on vacation to want? In theory, you can enjoy your vacation time with your pet and don't have to leave it alone at home. However, there are also some things to consider here.

Before each trip, you should ask yourself the following questions in advance:

  • Can my pet be on the plane? Or: put the long drive a problem?
  • Becomes my four -legged friend under unnecessary Travel stress set?
  • My darling all fulfills Entry regulations for pets? For example, I have a rabies antibody test that is requested in many countries, and my animal has the necessary Animal pass?
  • Are pets in the hotel at the destination or are there Accommodation options for pets?

In fact, an investigation by the British animal welfare organization PDSA found that around forty percent of animal owners: inside who take their fur noses on vacation came to problems ***. Most of the time, these are flight delays or entry problems, but occasionally it also happens that animals were injured in the luggage compartment, for example, on the plane and ultimately succumbed to these injuries or escaped from their transport boxes and could only be found again days later!

Before every vacation trip, it is not only advisable, but absolutely necessary to find out more about the various options in advance and carefully weigh what option best meets the individual needs of the animal.



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