Warum sollten Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für Tiere keinen Weizen enthalten?

Why shouldn't food supplements for animals contain a wheat?

Pets are almost always a part of the family. They are loved, maintained and well cared for. Every dog ​​or cat owner wants to eat their beloved pet in both the species-appropriate and healthy. Therefore, it is a matter of course for many pet owners to give their beloved animal dietary supplements so that the four -legged friend receives all the vitamins and nutrients that he needs. In the rarest case, however, care is taken to ensure that these dietary supplements for animals or even the daily feed are free of wheat. On Desirable dog food and Cat food -friendly cat food However, it should be paid to the utmost importance for a balanced diet of the animal.


Why no wheat for cats and dogs?


Wheat in general is not poisonous for our beloved four -legged friends, but it should be ensured that the food does not contain a wheat. First and foremost, it is important to pay attention to animals that suffer from intolerance or allergy. Furthermore, the beloved pet can develop by excessive gift of wheat. Not too rarely arise from cereal or through cereal dried animal food Incolumn or, in the worst case, allergies in the animals. 


Of course you keep hearing statements like this:


"Wolves or wild cats also consume grain due to their prey, so it cannot be wrong that animals have grain in the food" 


But this is actually a misconception. Our cats and dogs are carnivores and their relatives living in the wild are largely feeding meat. In very few cases, the stomach contents of the prey only contain grain, and even if, this proportion is so low that it cannot do any damage. Because as already mentioned, grain is not toxic, but can only appear unfavorable in too high doses.


Do dogs and cats need grain?


This question can be answered with a clear no when it comes to wheat, barley or spelled. Certainly the thought comes now, why will then be Cereal cat food and Cereal dog food sold? Very simply many manufacturers use grain like wheat to save money. Grain is cheaper than meat and therefore the large proportion of most types of food is wheat. Unfortunately, this also applies to the nutritional supplements that are manufactured for our pets.


Cat food -friendly cat food and Desirable dog food No grain like wheat. In no case in small quantities, but in large quantities and in the long run, wheat is never healthy for our beloved pets. Most of the food consists of grain, even serious health consequences for the animal can arise. 


Some examples:


  1. Wheat, spelled and more can trigger intolerances or allergies. In many cases, these express themselves as an inexplicable itching or even hair loss.
  2. Some cats and dogs cannot process too much protein. This occurs with wheat and spelled that creates a mixture of protein during digestion. This high proportion of gluten makes many animals react very sensitive.
  3. A gluten intolerance in our pets leads to diarrhea, weight loss and also inflammation in the gastrointestinal area.
  4. Another sign of a too high proportion of grain in the feed is suddenly occurring diarrhea. The Digestion of grain strength is not completely possible for our four -legged friends.


Save your pet uncomfortable or possible diseases


Avoid grain in animal feed and of course also in nutritional supplements for your darling. In this way, keep your animal from diseases and unnecessary stress. Prefer additives such as rice, corn, potato or sweet potato and also in a small part in the feed of your pet. These additives not only provide carbohydrates and energy, but are also easy to digest for the animals. This choice of additions very useful. 


Dietary supplements for dogs should also not contain grain products to have a positive effect on the animal's organism. Wet food without grain as well as Dry food without grain Are simply available in stores, you just have to take a closer look at the list of ingredients. Cat food -friendly cat food and Desirable dog food are already offered everywhere. With a precise look and a good choice, you get your four -legged friend healthy for a long time. 


How can you see that an animal receives too few nutrients?


Did not have the right choice for you Desirable dog food or Cat food -friendly cat food met, this affects health. If the animal feed is not high quality, which means that it contains too much grain and less meat quality, a deficiency can arise that is not immediately noticed. 


Signs of defects:

  • dull fur
  • Dry, scaly skin
  • Fur change problems 
  • lower Stress level
  • weak immune system
  • early signs of aging
  • Problems with joints and bones
  • Problems in development in young animals 


Why dietary supplements or other additives for pets?


Cat food -friendly cat food and Desirable dog food Normally contains everything the pet needs to stay healthy and active. If there is too much grain in the animal feed you have chosen, such as wheat, in most cases, as already mentioned, this affects the health of the animal. However, also applies to Wet food without grain and Dry food without grain, that were added to vitamins and minerals. Normally, the added vitamins and minerals are sufficient. In many cases, young animals, sporty animals and older animals also need more than is contained in animal feed. 


If you feed high -quality animal feed, different situations can still occur in which you can use useful nutritional supplements. 


These situations can be the following:

  • Problems with joints and bones 
  • In the case of diseases
  • Problems with the fur and skin 
  • Increased training in sporty dogs 
  • after operations
  • In older animals 
  • In general at the barfen


You bare your pet, that is, you feed your animal with raw, fresh ingredients, it is essential to use nutritional supplements. Logically, cats and dogs have different needs on their food. The only thing in common is that both, to stay healthy, need meat, bones and innards. In the second place, vegetables, fruit, ballast and minerals are also an important part of the feed. Oils and herbs are aids to positively support the animal's organism.


In any case, dietary supplements for pets are not a mistake, even if it is fed as needed. Here, however, it applies again that no one Grain in animal feed should be included to call a healthy animal. 

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