Dietary supplement dog for stomach & intestine

A proper intestinal function affects the dog's health. It requires careful monitoring of the diet, which contains all the necessary nutrients and trace elements. But even the most balanced dog food cannot deliver an optimal amount of vitamins and minerals. In order to compensate for their lack, it is advisable to include intestinal additives for dogs in the diet. The probiotics and prebiotics contained therein ensure a healthy microflora that ensures good digestion, support for the immune system and the defense functions.

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What are dietary supplements for dogs and how do they work?

Dog food should be easy to digest and promote healthy digestion. However, not all contain the substances necessary for the gastrointestinal tract in sufficient quantities. Dietary supplements for dogs compensate for the lack of enzymes, vitamins and minerals and help:

  • Better digestion of the feed;
  • Restoration of the appetite;
  • Normalization of the digestive process after intoxication or dysbacteriosis;
  • To improve metabolism;
  • To strengthen the immune system;
  • Strengthening the body's defenses;
  • Support of the dog's organism during pregnancy and lactation.

Why do dogs need intestinal additives?

The introduction of supplements for dogs is not just the treatment of diarrhea or other digestive disorders. The use of probiotics aims to reorganize the intestine with useful bacteria by displacing the population of the pathogenic microorganisms from the intestine. Probiotics and prebiotics are essential for the prevention and treatment of bowel diseases and have an important advantage over antimicrobial means. They do not inhibit the representatives of the normal flora of the body, but stimulate immunity and strengthen the body's defense functions.

How do you choose high -quality and safe nutritional supplements?

If you buy gastrointestinal preparations for dogs, you prefer products from trustworthy brands. The vitamins and dietary supplements from Itiko are a product of well -known German quality. Each ingredient is tested in the manufacturer's own laboratory before it is added to the recipe. All ingredients are natural and not harmful to the health of dogs, provided the dosage is observed.

If you would like to place an order or learn more about Itiko dog-darm supplements, write to the manager in the online chat or call +4917624123647.


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