Vitamins for dogs fur and skin

The skin and fur of dogs serve as a protective shield against external influences: strenuous heat, cold or moisture. A deterioration of the fur leads to weakened defenses and problems such as itching, skin infections and alopecia. It is important to recognize the signs of skin problems, dandruffs, rashes and irritation and to take suitable measures to treat them.

Itiko dogfell vitamins are an essential part of an effective treatment plan for skin and fur problems in dogs. It contains no grain, soy, artificial dyes or GMO. Each ingredient in the complex is tested in a separate laboratory in the production facility. It contains only the essentials Vitaming groups for puppies And adults as well as organically bound minerals for healthy skin, fur cerative and nail health:

  • Salmon oil is a source of omega-3-/EPA fatty acids.
  • Organic zinc and BX vitamins - to support skin and fur.
  • Flax seeds is a source for ala.
  • Algae are a source for DHA.
  • Velors - support skin and fur.

We guarantee predictable results of dog fillers. Your pet will get a dense, beautiful and shiny fur again, get rid of itching, scales and other problems. We also recommend that you explore the offer of our website and pay attention Joint supplements for dogs And other complexes.

Why the appearance of the fur is important for your dog's health

The fur is one of the most important indicators for the health of a dog. His condition can serve as an indicator of the well -being of the animal. Hair loss, deterioration in its properties, lack of shine - all of these are often the first signs of more dangerous diseases. Therefore, the condition of the fur of your pet deserves special attention. So that dogs stay healthy and look good, it is important to supply them with a nutritious diet. It must contain vitamins. 

What influences fur quality: the role of nutrition and care

The quality of the fur is primarily influenced by the diet and care of the dog. Only a varied diet that contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals can give your animal a nice fur. It is also important to bathe the dog regularly, to use special cosmetics, cut the hair and combing the undercoat. With such a responsible approach, you can be sure that your pet gets a luxurious look. 

How to select additives

Before buying nutritional supplements for the dog fur, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian. He or she will carry out the necessary tests on the animal, determine the lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the animal's body and draw up a treatment plan. 

When introducing supplementary feed for the dog fur, pay attention to the well -being of the dog, observe its behavior and the quality of the excretions. When the standard deviation from the standard, contact your vet. The high standards of Itiko in the manufacture of supplements exclude unpredictable effects. Your pet gets a shiny, beautiful fur back and will be happy to see you in a playful atmosphere and full of enthusiasm.


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