Vitamins for large dogs

It is easy to find the right care for your dog if you find out about the breed beforehand. According to the current classification, a large breed is a dog with a body weight of more than 25 kg and a withers height of more than 60 cm. If you are the lucky owner of a large dog, we recommend buying itiko large breed vitamins.

Itiko supplementary feed for puppies and adult dogs of large breeds are a product of the German company of the same name. All supplementary feed are thoroughly tested in the manufacturer's own laboratory before they come on the market. The dietary supplements for dogs Are free of soy, grain, GMO and artificial dyes. They only contain essential vitamins and minerals that support pets and ensure their vitality and activity. You also find Vitamins for the dog skin And other useful complexes in the range.

Physiological characteristics of the big breeds

Large dogs are divided into 2 types:

  • Races with strong physique (Rottweiler, Retriever, Mastiffs, Newfoundland, Bernhardiner, etc.);
  • Races with athletic physique (Doberman, Setter, Boxer, Dogs, Dalmatian, etc.).

Due to their special behavior and physiology, large races require a special concept for nutrition. In contrast to small breeds, they are calmer and their energy consumption is lower. Strong dogs tend to overweight, so it is important to pay attention to a balanced nutrient ratio in your diet. Special vitamin complexes for large breeds can contribute to this.

Dogs with an athletic body often need movement and are physically more active. Therefore, their energy consumption is slightly higher than that of strong races. It is also important to take these properties into account and to include vitamins for large breeds in their diet in order to support the skeleton of the movement apparatus and the optimal weight. Bone vitamins for dogs Make sure you remain mobile, active and playful.

Why do large dogs need a special vitamin complex?

The physique and the way of life of dogs of large breeds lead to the development of a typical list of diseases. Pets with massive physique suffer from overweight, cardiovascular, muscle skeleton and skin diseases. Dogs with an athletic physique tend to circulate and digestive problems and frequent injuries to the movement apparatus. This makes the selection of nutrition difficult. The Itiko vitamine complexes were developed to make large races easier.

Essential micronutrients and their importance for large dogs

The micronutrients and vitamins contained in the formula play an important role in maintaining the health of dogs of large breeds. You have a wide range of positive effects:

  • to normalize the digestive tract;
  • to optimize the body weight of the animals;
  • offer protection for the joints and the musculoskeletal system;
  • Strengthening the bone skeleton;
  • to strengthen the immune defense;
  • ensure that you remain active, attentive and playful;
  • to improve the condition of fur and skin.

How to select the right vitamins for large races offers vitamins for large breeds and nutritional supplements for the health of fur, skin, joints and bones. All complexes are characterized by proven effectiveness, improve the condition of the pets, contribute to their healthy activity and long lifespan. If you order from us, choose the quality products of a proven German manufacturer.

To buy supplementary feed for puppies and adult dogs of large breeds from Itiko, write to the manager in the online chat or call +4917624123647.


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