Vitamins for medium -sized breeds

The medium -sized dogs are the largest group. Their representatives include all dogs with a weight of 12 to 25 kg and a withers height of 40 to 60 cm. This group includes Beagles, Border Collies, Fox Terrier, English Bulldogen, Spaniels, Pit Bull Terrier, Amstaffs and many others. As with the large and small breeds, there are special features of keeping and care for these dogs. One of the most important factors for maintaining your health is a balanced diet, which certainly also includes vitamins in medium -sized dogs.

If you are high quality Dietary supplements for dogs We recommend that we recommend that you explore the offer of the online shop. The product line consists of high -quality snacks and snacks that are made exclusively from natural ingredients. Every ingredient of the vitamin complexes for medium -sized breeds is thoroughly tested in the company's own laboratory. The dietary supplements offer great benefits for the protection of the body and maintaining dogs. The preparations are free of soy, grain, GMO and artificial dyes. They have a pleasant aroma and a pleasant taste, which is why they are particularly loved by pets. See ours too Dietary supplements for dog legs and vitamins for dogs in the event of hair loss.

Special features of the physiology of medium -sized dog breeds

The physiology of medium -sized dog breeds is characterized by increased activity. You need regular exercise and training. Medium -sized breeds do not grow as quickly as big dogs, and their life expectancy is higher. In old age, the animals develop fewer chronic diseases, rare pathologies of the cardiovascular system, the movement apparatus and skin. Compared to dwarf dogs, medium -sized dogs are less susceptible to injuries. In order to keep medium -sized dogs healthy and active, the systematic intake of vitamin complexes is sufficient.

Why do medium -sized breeds need a special vitamin complex?

Due to the active character of medium -sized dogs, your diet should be balanced in terms of essential nutrients and vitamins. Protein, essential amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals must be available in food. The vitamin complexes from Iiko for medium -sized dog breeds cover the entire needs and prevent diseases of the teeth and gums, joints, the digestive system and skin as well as the development of obesity. The vitamins are particularly important for puppies that are actively growing and developing.

Advice from the vet: How to correctly select and administer vitamins

Before you start taking vitamins, you should consult your veterinarian. He will determine if your dog needs her. If a lack of certain substances is determined, it will suggest the optimal dosage of vitamins or minerals. Sturdy his recommendations: overdose vitamins and minerals can be dangerous for the health of your dog.

Selection of vitamins for your pet

Itiko produces high -quality and effective vitamins for medium -sized dogs. Their regular intake ensures that the lack of important components is compensated for and guarantees good health, physical activity, vitality and playfulness of the dogs. You can buy the ITIKO nutritional supplements with just 1 click. Write to your manager in the online chat or call +4917624123647.


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