Vitamins for old dogs

Most animal owners are convinced that a balanced diet is sufficient to keep older dogs healthy. But even with a nutritious diet, age -related health problems occur in older dogs. Many of the animals suffer from chronic diseases, some of them have severe surgical interventions, and the natural aging process of the organism cannot be stopped. All of this leads to a decline in the activity of the dogs, difficulties in movement, disorders of the cardiovascular system, the urogenital system and the movement apparatus. It is possible to minimize the negative effects by adding vitamins to the diet of old dogs.

The online shop offers a wide range of nutritional supplements that keep older dogs healthy and well. If you add them to your dog's diet, you will find a significant improvement in your condition. You will regain your lost activity, your fur becomes denser and silky, and your gastrointestinal problems and your appetite will disappear. 

Vitamin complexes for dogs contain all the necessary components to restore the health of aging people. They help you to maintain your vital functions and to deal with dignity -related phenomena. The high standards in the production of the preparations exclude unpredictable results or allergic reactions. All ingredients are carefully selected and tested in a leading laboratory in Europe. By adding vitamins to food, they ensure a healthy state of their pets and make vet visits superfluous, which protects the family budget.

Vitamins for old dogs

Health problems with an aging dog

Typical health problems in aging dogs are:

  • Gastrointestinal deterioration: digestive disorders are associated with a lack of useful bacteria in the body. By introducing nutritional supplements for old dogs, you ensure that the metabolism is normalized and food is better absorbed;
  • Lord weakness: Problems with the musculoskeletal system are caused by calcium deficiency. So that your pet remains painless and active, it is important to Dog joint supplements to give calcium and other useful minerals;
  • Hair loss, gloss loss and meal: The deterioration of the fur in dogs is caused by age -related hormonal changes, allergic reactions and some infectious diseases. Special vitamins for the fur of old dogs can help restore a dense, shiny and smooth fur;
  • Tooth loss: so that your dog's teeth remain strong and healthy for a long time so that he can eat his favorite dishes and get all the necessary substances, tooth vitamins should be administered;
  • General weakening of the immune system: When older dogs get older, their immune system is weakened.

How nutrition affects the quality of life of older dogs

The quality of life of older dogs is directly related to nutrition. In order for your pet to stay healthy, happy and active, vitamins are needed for old dogs. These vitamins contain all important components that ensure good health, normalize the metabolism and guarantee a beautiful and shiny fur.

Advantages of taking vitamins

One of the reasons for buying vitamins for older dogs: 

  • Remain active;
  • Normalization of the digestive process;
  • Reduction of the risk of dangerous diseases, which are caused by a lack of useful substances and minerals in the body;
  • Maintaining a dense and beautiful fur, strong claws and teeth;
  • They ensure healthy appetite and good mood;
  • Extension of life expectancy.

Give your dog a happy life with our vitamins

By ordering itiko vitamins and minerals for older dogs, they ensure that their pets live a healthy and fulfilling life. Regular nutritional supplements ensure that you are active, playful, good -looking and happy.


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