Vitamins for small dogs

Small breeds have an accelerated metabolism. This means that small dogs consume the energy they absorb through their food much faster than large dogs. So you need more calories per 1 kg to stay powerful and awake longer. For this reason, your diet should be balanced and rich in important nutrients. Often there is a lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the food of small breeds; In this case, the dogs should be supplied with nutritional supplements.

Itiko carefully studied the body properties of small dogs and developed uniquely formulated complexes. The nutritional supplements for dogs that the German manufacturer offers compensate for the lack of nutrients and ensure that the pets are sufficiently provided with them to live healthy and stay active. Before you get on the market, the vitamin complexes are thoroughly tested in your own laboratory. The composition is free of soy, grain, GMO and artificial dyes. We also offer you the offer Vitamins for older dogs and studying other useful preparations

Why do small breeds need special vitamins?

Dogs of small breeds are very mobile. Their increased energy consumption means that you have to compensate for calorie deficits so that you remain active and cheerful. Therefore, such pets should buy vitamins for small breeds. A well -thought -out composition of natural ingredients offers a nutrient reserve, guarantees saturation and good health.

Iron and zinc: The importance of micronutrients for small breeds

Iron is an essential mineral that is involved in the process of blood formation and oxygen transmission. Its optimal amount has a positive effect on the health of dogs of small breeds that have an accelerated metabolism. Zinc in Dietary supplements for the dog fur is very important. It is also essential for the health of the skin.

Individual approach: tailored to the specific needs of your dog

Before adding vitamins to diet of dogs of small breeds, a veterinarian should be consulted and corresponding tests should be carried out. On the basis of the defined defect on a certain vitamin or mineral, a preparation with a specific composition should be selected. Otherwise there is a high risk that the animal will be damaged: a surplus of useful substances is no less dangerous than a deficiency.

How to select the best vitamin complex

When choosing vitamins for dogs of small breeds, you should be guided by the results of the tests that should be carried out in the diet of your animal before the start of new nutritional supplements. From this you can see which minerals or vitamins are missing to your animal and what it takes the most to stay healthy. If you are not sure, you can consult your vet at any time.

The health and longevity of your little friends is in your hands: Choose the best for you - order itiko vitamins for dogs of small breeds. Write to your manager in the online chat or call +4917624123647.


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