Vitamins with calcium for dogs

The skeleton is the backbone of the dog body, and calcium is essential for the formation of strong bones. Although a large amount of calcium is added to the animal's body with food, it is only possible to ensure a sufficient amount of the mineral by adding calcium vitamins to the dog's diet.

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Why do dogs need calcium

Calcium is an important building block for the bone skeleton of dogs. It fulfills a number of key functions in your body:

  • Bone and dental health: It is important for the preservation of bone mass and tooth strength.
  • Heart and muscle function: It plays an important role in the contraction of the heart muscle and the heart function. His deficiency can lead to muscle cramps and cardiovascular problems.
  • Blood coagulation: is involved in the process of blood clotting and prevents excessive bleeding in the event of injuries.
  • Nervous system: important for the normal functioning of the nervous system, including the transmission of nerve impulses.
  • Metabolic regulation: regulates the metabolic processes in the body.

Dogs should absorb sufficient calcium through food. However, if this is poor and monotonous, there is an immediate need to introduce calcium supplements for dogs. However, one should not overdo it, because a calcium surplus is no less dangerous than a deficiency.

How can you see a calcium deficiency in your dog?

Calciagum deficiency in dogs can be expressed by the following signs:

  • Weaked bones: frequent broken bones in your dog, cracked bones, tired legs After a short walk, everything is signs of calcium deficiency.
  • Muscle cramps: muscle cramps and tremors also indicate a lack of macro nutrients in your dog.
  • Tremble or involuntary shivering.
  • Anxiety: uncontrollable anxiety, restlessness or nervousness can be associated with calcium deficiency.
  • Dental problems: plaque formation, caries, brittle teeth are alarming symptoms.
  • Delayed wound healing: In a dog with calcium deficiency, wound healing can be delayed and it tends to bleed.
  • Problems with blood clotting, which are expressed by severe bleeding in minor injuries or operations.

How do you dose calcium vitamins correctly and give it to your pet?

In order to precisely determine the daily calcic and supply your dog with the right amount of this element, it is important to consult a veterinarian. Before the introduction of vitamins with calcium in the diet of dogs, it is best to have the macronutrient's content examined in the body. Based on the results of the analyzes, it is worth introducing additions.

Selection of an effective vitamin calcium complex

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