Gesundes Tierfutter für unsere Hunde und Katzen

Healthy animal feed for our dogs and cats

In recent years, countless products have been offered for our beloved four -legged friends to Pet health to ensure. But can the feeding of industrially manufactured animal feed be carried out with a clear conscience? In any case, the beloved pet should get what it needs is the most important factor for animal owners. However, the question arises whether that Healthy animal feedwhich we put on our four -legged favorites is really so ideal or healthy. This is especially true in the area of ​​industrial wet and dry food, which is offered in countless variants. Healthy dog ​​nutrition and Healthy cat nutrition are unfortunately not guaranteed in most cases.


Pets in Germany


Statistically speaking, a pet lives in almost every second German household. If you take the year 2022, the number of German pets was 34.4 million pets. This statistics are managed by the cats, which is laid down at 12.5 million. This is followed by dogs around 10.6 million and 4.9 million small mammals. 


This high number of pets naturally lets the pet retail trade cheer. The pet industry is growing, because every pet owner wants to meet the needs of his animal favorite. 


Industrially manufactured healthy animal feed - is that?


It is certainly extremely easy to feed industrially manufactured wet and dry food. It is practically packaged and does not require any additional effort to prepare. In addition, you are absolutely certain that the beloved animal really gets everything it needs to Pet health to obtain. The feed is advertised everywhere as high quality. However, you should ask yourself some questions. Is there everything in the feed that promises the list of ingredients? Is the food offered really healthy for the animal? 


Our pets and their diet 


Everyone certainly knows that our beloved pets descend from wild animals. This means that a lot of animal owners wonder how they can eat their animal healthy. Our pets are carnivore, regardless of whether it is a Teacup Chihuahua or a mastiff with over 60 kilograms. This factor also applies to our cats. In no case are our pets omnivores or need vegetables or grain in your food. However, this is used by us as a pet owner through what was offered Healthy animal feed fed to our favorites. 


In wet or dried animal food Are vegetables, fruit and grain that our pets cannot use. The proportion of meat, whereby the question appears, "what meat?" Is minimal in the types of dry food offered. Another factor that affects the dry food is that the "meat" added are slaughterhouse waste that cannot be used further. These include not only bones, tendons and inferior meat shares, but also hair, feathers and co ..


Why isn't the wet or dry food made industrially manufactured for our pets? 


Our cats and dogs are carnivore and the way our pets are fed today is therefore in a stark contrast to their needs. Furthermore, dry food not only includes too little protein, but also moisture. For example, you can take a closer look at a cat and its needs. Cats cover up to 80 percent of the moisture required only from their prey. This means that a cat receives far too little moisture due to dry feed feeding and the kidneys and liver are damaged for a long time. Cats drink very little by nature, since it is not intended by mother nature that, like dogs, they drink enough, for example. In the case of dogs, the dry food is also to be regarded as too dry, with dogs tend to drink enough water. 


Feeding industrially processed dry or wet food can countless in our beloved four-legged friends Diseases cause. To this Diseases For example:


  • Kidney damage
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Liver problems
  • Parking problems
  • Cancer 


Studies have now proven that cancer has risen to a very high degree in our beloved pets. This concludes from the wrong form of nutrition and the change in the genetic material due to incorrect food. For some years now, researchers have started to devote themselves to food for pets. A study by Dr. Kollath from Stockholm, for example, proves the fatal effects of wet or dry food on our pets. 


Another study carried out in Belgium proves that pets with industrially manufactured food have more ill and had deficiency symptoms than pets that only received fresh slaughterhouse waste. The authors Sapy and Lippert researched and studied different dogs and cats with different feeding over a period of 5 years. The life expectancy of a pet that was fed with meat was three years longer in this study than that of an animal with industrial food. 


Dry food and its problems


Healthy pet food Doesn't mean that you buy the most expensive feed for your four -legged darling. The wet or dry food for our pets, which is now industrially produced, in any case harbors some serious problems. To understand this, you only have to take a closer look at the ingredients. 


Ingredients in animal feed:


  • Raw fat
  • Raw protein
  • Raw ash
  • Raw protein
  • Raw fiber


If you see these terms in the table of contents, everyone immediately notice that each component begins with the syllable "raw". However, this syllable does not show the quality of the ingredient, but only to the percentage of this ingredient in the analysis. 


The ingredients provide orientation for the animal owner, but they say absolutely nothing about the quality. Each provider of animal feed only informs its customers with this type of summary and that applies worldwide. The production of animal feed is certainly subject to strict standards and quality controls that are certainly adhered to. However, every animal owner should be aware that he only feeds his animal with inferior feed. This also applies to the highly praised organic food for pets or animal feed offered by the veterinarian. 


The disadvantages of industrially manufactured food: 

  • Moisture content too low 
  • Wrong and incomplete contents 
  • Conservatives that have a harmful effect 
  • high proportion of sugar 
  • stodgy 
  • inferior nutrients 
  • Included grain and vegetables in a higher proportion than meat 
  • Flavor enhancer 
  • Harms the teeth and the gums
  • Increased risk of stomach twisting 
  • High risk of overweight
  • no natural ingredients
  • Mites and molds can easily multiply in dry food 
  • Salmonella risk is very high with dry food 


As can be seen on this list, there are countless negative properties of industrially manufactured food that causes our pets more damage than benefits. Better think carefully about what you feed your four -legged darling in the future. 


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